On September 17 this year an agreement was signed for LOT C, i.e. execution of works on railway lines No. 131, 686, 687, and 704 on the section Kalina (km 66.800) – Rusiec Łódzki (km 137.500)
The task will be carried out as part of the project: "Works on the C-E 65 railway line on the section Chorzów Batory – Tarnowskie Góry – Karsznice – Inowrocław – Bydgoszcz – Maksymilianowo".

The contractor is a consortium of PORR S.A. (Leader) and Trakcja System

Ordering Party: PKP PLK S.A.
Agreement value: PLN 1,238,357,533.11
Implementation period: 44 months from the date of signing the agreement

The scope of works to be performed by Trakcja System Sp. z o.o.:
- overhead line of type YC150-2CS150, C120-2C and C95-C totalling approx. 200 km,
- electrical engineering up to 1 kV, approximately 596 light points,
- 170 sets of electric turnout heating,
- 122 km of power and control cables.