On 6 December, St. Nicholas' Day, a gift from Trakcja System – a LOGIQ P9 XDclear ultrasound scanner with a set of 3 transducers
– was delivered to the Healthcare Complex in Oława.

Ultrasound devices in hospitals and clinics are nothing new, but the new equipment, in addition to typical functions, also features an elastography module – an innovative imaging method that utilises the fact that tissue hardness significantly changes as a result of the disease process. This feature allows for faster and less invasive diagnosis of pathological changes.

The evaluation of tissue stiffness is crucial, particularly in cancer diagnosis. In some cases, elastography can replace biopsy, sparing patients the unnecessary discomfort of such an invasive examination. It is also important that examination is painless, while it allows far more precise tissue image data to be obtained than classic ultrasound.

This is another form of support from Trakcja System for this medical facility. In March this year the company equipped the hospital with a modular system for the safe intubation of difficult airways.