We offer a comprehensive range of specialised construction and design services in the area of railway power supply systems.


We provide services related to the design of railway power supply systems, in terms of:

  • overhead contact line.
  • electrical power systems up to 1kV,
  • lighting,
  • electric turnout heating,
  • low voltage network (20 kV) non-contact line requirements,
  • railway power supply systems up to 30 kV,
  • local control of overhead line disconnectors.

We carry out design projects using modern CAD software. The projects meet the applicable technical and legal regulations, engineering knowledge principles, and requirements of construction laws.


We comprehensively provide specialised construction services in the area of railway power supply networks.

Railway overhead contact lines

  • foundation works,
  • installation of supporting structures,
  • installation of overhead contact lines,
  • installation of a return network,
  • installation of track bondings,
  • low voltage network installation works on overhead line supporting structures.

Electrical power networks

  • construction and rebuilding of electric heating of turnouts,
  • construction and reconstruction of external lighting of railway areas,
  • low-voltage and high-voltage conflicts,
  • construction and reconstruction of lines, local control devices and overhead line disconnectors,
  • construction and reconstruction of power supply lines for traction networks.

Park maszynowy

Baza sprzętowa Trakcja System to kilkadziesiąt specjalistycznych urządzeń i maszyn oraz pojazdów służących do wykonywania skomplikowanych prac trakcyjnych.