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Trakcja System

Working at Trakcja System Sp. z o.o. means stable employment and professional growth.

People are the cornerstone of our company, which is why we invest in our employees, enabling them to undergo specialised training and acquire qualifications.

We maintain high standards of working conditions, and provide private medical care and a range of other employee benefits.

Application documents can be sent:

  • via the application form,
  • via e-mail: – preferred option
  • by post to the company's registered address.

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Job Description: Operating and maintaining a special vehicle for performing work on the repair and...
Job Description: Driving a heavy-duty vehicle with a mobile platform or driving a heavy-duty vehicle...

We supply

Our equipment inventory comprises dozens of specialised devices, machinery, and vehicles tailored for executing complicated traction operations.


A significant part of our technical fleet consists of specialised road-rail vehicles, including pile drivers, vehicles with lift platforms, and mobile platforms.


In our inventory, we have specialised railway vehicles such as the PS-00 M/B maintenance train, container maintenance trains and other specialised vehicles.

vans and heavy-duty vehicles with hydraulic loading cranes

We have an extensive fleet of delivery vans and heavy-duty vehicles with hydraulic truck-mounted cranes.