We provide services for the design of railway overhead contact lines, non-contact lines requirements and railway electrification up to 1kV

We comprehensively provide specialised construction services in the area of railway power supply networks. We have completed dozens of projects throughout the country.

Our greatest potential lies in our experienced and qualified team as well as our specialised and modern machinery fleet.


This is how we work
Works on the network for the reconstruction of the Warta river bridge

Trakcja System is involved in the complex reconstruction of the Warta river bridge. The video shows works performed on track No. 2 in early July 2023. The entire works included: the installation of the support structures on specially prepared pillars built into the bridge supports, the installation of the network equipment and the implementation of collective structure bonding and the overhead line with its adjustment.

The works are being carried out on railway line No. 131 as part of the task "LOT C Comprehensive reconstruction of the network of railway lines No. 131, 686, 687, and 707 on the section Kalina – Rusiec Łódzki”

Trakcja System has signed an agreement for the replacement of 17 automatic crossing systems in the IZ Wrocław area
The Copma ZDS-5 road-rail vehicle will join the Trakcja System machinery fleet.
In December 2023 Trakcja System purchased an area of almost 7 hectares in Lewin Brzeski,
Trakcja System has signed an agreement for the task: Revitalisation of Legnica – Złotoryja – Jerzmanice-Zdrój section
Trakcja System has once again been awarded in the Forbes monthly ranking, receiving the “Forbes Diamond 2023” title
This year, in May our company has been certified for the fifth type of overhead line: YwsC120-2C-M.
The PS-00 M/B No. 52 expanded the equipment of our machinery fleet and our manufacturing capacity
In 2022 we have worked intensively and in 2023 we do not intend to slow down.
Starting from December 23, 2022, Trakcja System has 2 proxies. Maciej Grzegorek and Kazimierz Kosmowski have been appointed to this position.
We are delighted to announce that Trakcja System has its own gnome.
Trakcja System has become a member of the Land Transport Chamber of Commerce in the Railway Construction section.
The weekend of June 10-12 was special for our company – for 2 days we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Trakcja System.


Our equipment inventory comprises dozens of specialised devices, machinery, and vehicles tailored for executing complicated traction operations.

Railway vehicles

In our inventory, we have specialised railway vehicles such as the PS-00 M/B maintenance train, container maintenance trains and other specialised vehicles.

Road-rail vehicles

A significant part of our technical fleet consists of specialised road-rail vehicles, including pile drivers, vehicles with lift platforms, and mobile platforms. We are the only company in the country to have the Colmar T1000FSC crane in our inventory.

Delivery vans and heavy-duty vehicles with hydraulic loading cranes

We have an extensive fleet of delivery vehicles as well as heavy-duty trucks equipped with hydraulic truck-mounted cranes.

The numbers speak for themselves:


overhead contact line


comprehensively rebuilt
overhead contact line


overhead contact line
to be rebuilt