We have the equipment necessary to comprehensively provide specialised construction services in the area of railway power supply networks. We are successively investing in new machinery and equipment based on state-of-the-art technology.

Our machinery includes: maintenance trains, special vehicles for work on the railway overhead line, road-rail cars, aerial work platforms, pile drivers, railway excavators, mini-excavators and other construction machinery.

One of the most important equipment units is the Colmar T10000FSC road-rail crane used for heavy work on the installation of overhead line support structures, which is currently the only machine of its kind on our market.

We also have railroad cars and a fleet of trucks and delivery vans to provide support for the logistical processes of our construction projects.



A column of company equipment at the station in Bytom.

The machines were on one track of the station in January 2024. This is an unusual sight because even a momentary stop of a group of equipment in one place does not happen often.

The video shows some of Trakcja System's strategic machines, and this is only part of the company's potential.