In 2022 we have worked intensively and in 2023 we do not intend to slow down.

Take a look at the video with a summary of our works performed in 2022.

Last year we executed parallel projects:

  • Line 131 LOT A Chorzów Batory-Nakło Śl.;
  • Line 131 LOT C Kalina-Rusiec;
  • Railway line 22 Radom – Radzice;
  • Line E65 Czechowice-Dziedzice;
  • Line 351 Krzyż-Dobiegniew;
  • Works on the railway lines No. 132, 147, 161, 180, 188, 654, 655, 657, 658,
  • Poznań Fast Tram.

In total, we have built almost 190 comprehensive overhead lines

  • we have hung over 141 km of AFL railings,
  • we have installed more than 3,000 steel and 300 concrete poles,
  • we have installed more than 5,400 foundations,
  • we have assembled and installed 329 gate structures and 48 half-gates,
  • we have installed several signal gates.

Our work also involved dismantling old networks, structures, and foundations.

We also carried out energy and low voltage network works

We installed:

  • several hundred concrete, composite and steel lighting poles,
  • more than 100 trackside electric heating of turnout devices,
  • several dozen switchboards and cabinets for lighting, electric heating of turnouts, power supplies and a dozen signalling and signal locating equipment cabinets, as well as
  • almost 100 km of low-voltage and medium-voltage cables.

We have resolved several dozen conflicts in traction power supply cables.

We have also completed the installation of complete low voltage network stations and constructed several transformer and pole stations.

Within the Poznań Fast Tram agreement, we reconstructed the tram traction network along with the return network and completed cable ducting for traction power supply cables and return cables with a total length of over 3 kmtp.

We are full of energy and ready for new challenges