A consortium comprising Trakcja System (leader) and SBM signed a contract with PKP PLK for the reconstruction of the overhead contact line on railway line No. 682 Nowa Wieś – Kędzierzyn Koźle KKB and the replacement of the overhead line on track No. 10 at Rudziniec Gliwicki station

The works will be performed in terms of the agreement under the following title: “Works on railway lines No. 153, 199, 681, 682 and 872 on the Toszek Północ – Rudziniec Gliwicki – Stare Koźle section”.

The scope of works includes: construction of an overhead contact line on the L682 connecting line Nowa Wieś – Kędzierzyn Koźle Stare, construction of the network on track No. 10 and over the turnout crossings in Rudziniec Gliwicki, as well as the replacement of ordinary turnout No. 1 along with accompanying works in Toszek.

The completion date for the project is set to 7 months from the signing of the agreement.