Socially responsible

We strive to operate as a socially responsible company. In conducting our business, we consider the interests of society, relationships with clients and customers, employee needs, and environmental aspects.

We are aware that our actions have an impact on a broader context, so while pursuing our business goals, we take into account aspects such as creating positive and lasting relationships with our team, society, and the business environment, as well as ensuring a sustainable impact on the environment.

Social interests are of utmost importance to us. We regularly support a variety of initiatives, selected public-use institutions and sports facilities. We also invest in the education of the younger generations, and to this end, we maintain a long-term cooperation with the Electrical and Mechanical Schools Complex in Legnica. Students of the specialised class have the opportunity to complete internships at Trakcja System construction sites and the best of them are awarded with a scholarship programme. We have also subsidised the refurbishment and equipment of the school's specialised labs.
In the long term, we hope that Electrical and Mechanical Schools Complex graduates will join our team.

Employees are the company's greatest resource, so their satisfaction and good relationships in the workplace are crucial to us. We provide our team with optimal working conditions and appreciate them in a variety of ways. We also support development by enabling employees to improve their qualifications and obtain specialised certifications.

We base our cooperation with contractors and clients on one of our values – partnership. We fulfil our commitments, and we are punctual, honest, and transparent in our actions. We expect the same from our contractors and business partners. With this approach, we establish long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and continuity of cooperation.

We pay attention to ecology.

  • The construction process is conducted in a manner aimed at minimising any potential negative impact on the natural environment.
  • We handle the waste generated in a manner that complies with the regulations. Trakcja System Sp. z o.o. is registered in the Database of Products and Packaging and Waste Management (BDO) under registration number: 000151296.
    Most of the waste we generate is recyclable rubble. By delivering it to companies specialised in rubble processing, we contribute to reducing the demand for extracting resources from natural deposits, enabling more efficient resource utilisation and pollution reduction. Also, used railway products that are reusable can be utilised in upgraded and renovated infrastructure projects.
  • The reduction of waste, pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions is also achieved by optimising transport and logistics processes, as well as investing in new (modern) equipment and vehicles.
  • We also provide ecological education to our employees.

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Trakcja System Sp. z o.o. provides stable employment and professional growth.
We maintain high standards of working conditions.